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Anderson Township Bar Area
Wyoming House
Granite and Brushed Brass Fixtures
Fire on a Cool Fall Evening
Bedroom Addition
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About Bauscher Construction

Bauscher Construction was founded in 1972 by Jerry Bauscher when he became disappointed in the integrity of home remodeling companies for whome he had worked. Today, we maintain that culture of integrity in home remodeling services to deliver the excellent quality craftsmanship on which our customers rely.

Our History

Jerry BauscherIn 1972 Jerry Bauscher founded Bauscher Construction with one simple but important goal, "To provide the highest level of home remodeling service with an unquestionable level of honesty and integrity." For over 40 years and two generations Bauscher Construction has been doing just that for our customers. In an industry where companies routinely come and go, we have been building relationships with our home remodeling clients and Cincinnati communities through our commitment to that original vision.

Paul BauscherNow in our second generation, Bauscher Construction has been led by Paul Bauscher since 1997. While the company has grown and project types have expanded, the same core beliefs and commitment to treating our clients as part of our family still remain paramount. We want to surprise you with a new way to think about the level of service a remodeling firm can provide.

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At Bausher Construction we believe that our people are what make the difference! Maintaining a staff of professional remodelers who work at the highest level of integrity and respect for our clients is at the heart of who we are. We take the trust that you place in us very seriously and work hard to make sure that the remodeling team we place in your home will honor and repect your time, property and family. Click Here to meet the team!

The Project Management Experience

It's our goal to change the way you think about the home remodeling experience! With our "on site" project management system we make sure you have ready access to the person who knows and manages every aspect of your remodeling endeavor. When you work with Bauscher Construction you don't "track down" the person responsible for your remodeling project, you have coffee with him in the morning. This extremely open form of communication will keep you up to speed on our progress and make sure you are involved in the decisions that will make your home uniquely yours.

Solutions for Every Issue

Because we take a very systematic approach to the production of your remodeling project we are able to reduce or eliminate the surprises that are inherent to many remodeling experiences. From selecting the products that customize your home, to handling a change you may decide to make, our systems will make your project run in a smooth and predictable way. Surprises are nice on your birthday... not when you're remodeling your home. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, finishing a lower level, or adding on additional space, our mission is to control the home remodeling process from start to finish.

Commitment to Our Community & Our Industry

cincinnati remodeling, cincinnati home remodeling Bauscher Construction is a proud member of The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Along with NARI we are committed to upholding and constantly improving the professionalism and integrity of the remodeling industry. Bauscher Construction is also a member of the Greater Cincinnati and the Clermont County Chambers of Commerce. Because our clients ARE our neighbors, being a responsible member of the Cincinnati remodeling and business community is an important part of what we do.
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