Should I Hire an Architect First or a Remodeler?

When beginning a remodeling project sometimes it’s hard to know if you should contact a contractor or an architect first. At Bauscher Construction we work very closely with many architect firms, today we have Andy from Architects Plus to discuss from an architect’s perspective what the best course of action is when starting a remodeling project.

“For the clients benefit we want to make sure that their budget aligns with our design and that they go together. The very best way to do that is to do some sketches, develop the design enough that we can hand it off to a contractor such as [Bauscher Construction] and then you can work through the design probably come to the project and walk through it and so you can make sure that we’re covering all the bases.”

Both a contractor and an architect have their strengths and perspective that are really enhanced when they work together. After 20 years of working together Bauscher Construction and Architects Plus have figured out the best course of action when it comes to working as a team to design your project and get it started on the right foot.

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We’d like to thank Architects Plus and Andy for taking the time to talk with us about this popular question.