Are You Using Houzz to Collect Your Design Ideas?

I remember the days when an excited client would drop a two-inch-thick folder on the table, full of pictures they had torn out of magazines. Their notes littered the pages to remind them why they had chosen them. Like kids with a birthday wish list, we  worked through the pages one by one, and discussed what struck them about each, and how we might incorporate  the ideas into their home. 

Like many things in our lives, technology has made this easier, more accessible, collaborative, and possible for your dentist to keep their magazines intact.

Collecting your design inspiration ideas has never been easier than using Even better, you can share your ideas with your  design team with just a few clicks.

Here’s how to get started: 

1.     Go to and create a free user account.

2.     Create your first Ideabook.

An Ideabook is a virtual “folder” where you can quickly save images you like.  

3.     Search for images with elements that fit your taste.

You can search for things like “contemporary kitchen” or “traditional cabinetry”.

4.     See something you like?

Use the Save button to add it to your Ideabook. Be sure to include any notes about what you like in the photos as your Ideabook will grow quickly.

5.     Share your Ideabook with your design team using the Add Collaborators link.

Your team will be able to see your images and save images to your Ideabook that they think you will like. Now that’s design collaboration! also has a wonderfully functional app, making it possible for you to search and browse images while you sip your coffee, or my personal favorite, a glass of red wine. With your Ideabook on your mobile devices, you can take your entire library of inspiring ideas with you without torn magazine pages flying out of that old folder.

Give yourself plenty of time to daydream about your ideal space, and when an image strikes you, save it; even if you decide later that you don’t really care for it, you can always delete it. Don’t worry if you start out unsure about your personal style, eventually a pattern will emerge as you save images that resonate with you. Have some fun with this process, this is the time to dream and really explore your tastes and preferences.

One word of caution, there are millions of photos on, and more than one person has told me they’ve lost an afternoon engrossed in the joy of finding their inspiration.

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