10 Questions to Ask a Remodeler

Choosing the right remodeler for your home can be an intimidating quest.  After all, you will likely be giving this company the keys to your home and trusting them to respect your property, your time, and your family.  As ominous as that sounds it does not have to end in disaster if you make the right choice.  We’ve come up with 10 questions you should ask every remodeler you consider hiring. These questions will give you a better sense of the company and peace of mind that you’re choosing the right company. 

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Your choice of a remodeler will ultimately determine the success and enjoyment of your investment.You can increase your chances of having a successful project by conducting qualifying interviews, following up on references and credentials, and considering all aspects of the remodeling project. You need to look for the professional you feel will provide the best all-around service available above and beyond the necessary construction skills.

Keep in mind that price may be an indicator of quality, both in term sf work, and services provided. The finished product is important, and how hard it will be to get from here to there is also important. If a price is provided for your project that is significantly lower than another price you received, be sure you know what is included.  This is especially true if a detailed specification of work was not provided.

1. How long have you been in business? 

Look for a company that is established in the community. 10 years should be a minimum.

2. Can you provide me with references?

Be ready with specific questions if you call references that are provided.

3. Can you provide proof of liability insurance? 

This is critical to ensuring that the company is able to make things right in the event of a catastrophe. Make sure to get a certificate.

4. Can you provide a certificate of Worker’s Compensation?

If the remodeler does not carry this coverage the responsibility for it can fall to you.  You don’t want to end up responsible for the remodelers’ employee if he/she gets hurt. Make sure to get a certificate. 

5. Do you have a written contract?

Get a copy of this ahead of time so you have time to review it.  Make sure the contract will include a detailed list of what is included and spells out the payment procedures.

6. Will the pricing provided be for a fixed price or a time and materials price?

Both can leave your checkbook open if the contract is not clear, just be sure you’re on the same page.

7. Do you have a written warranty?

Get a copy for this ahead of time also so you can review it to be sure the coverage is complete.

8. Who will oversee my project?

Find out who will communicate with you and how.  Don’t be afraid to ask for specific information about the person who will be in charge of your project.    

9. How will the selection process be handled?

There are so many choices available, you will want a company that can provide you with assistance to bring the pieces together.  The advice of an Interior Designer can be the difference between an good project and a great one.

10. Will I be given a written project schedule?

If a remodeler does not have a plan to succeed, it’s likely that they will not.