Anderson Township Bedroom and Bathroom Addition and Remodel

Traditional Remodel and Addition

When you love your neighborhood, but your house isn’t exactly right, remodeling can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. This was the dilemma our clients found themselves in with their unique Anderson Township contemporary home. They needed more space for their young family but didn’t want to move from one of Cincinnati’s great neighborhoods. Our team developed a plan that included an addition that would provide space for a new master suite. We reworked the existing floorplan to get rid of an awkward spiral staircase, renovated the kitchen, and added a large bar. All of this was completed while respecting the unique contemporary design of the original home.

This Contemporary Addition Features:

·      Porcelain tile

·      Granite countertops

·      Cherry cabinetry

·      Hardwood flooring



Watch the video to see a tour of this traditional remodel and addition!